Falcon Defence

• It is one of the biggest companies and the approved supplier in the defense industry of Turkey.
• The products that it supplies are actively used by armed services and security forces of more than 30 friendly and allied nations from the five continents besides Turkey.
• The products which differ depending on their intended use, capacity and protection levels are supplied upon order.
• All of the products which belong to the defense industry are exported in line with the export permissions of the relevant governments.

It was founded in .1996 when the initiatives were taken for modernization in Turkey. The Company which has started to operate by supplying all types of tools and equipment in the defense industry decided to specialize in different businesses in the year of 2005. It initiated Power Plant and Petro-chemistry import projects in 2010 besides supplying all kinds of tools and equipment for the defense industry sector where it continued to operate. Today, as one of the leading defense industry suppliers in Turkey, Falcon Group is engaged with import and export of a range of products for the defense industry and preserves its strong position in the sector as it is regarded as one of the biggest suppliers in the defense industry. Falcon Group offers solutions that specially cater for the needs of its customers with technology and implementations.
It supplies defense industry products to more than 30 countries all around the world. A range of products imported and exported by Falcon Group acting as the contractor are imported in line with the needs of its customers. Its wide range of products attracts a lot of attention not only in Turkey but also abroad. The products that it supplies meet the needs of customers in more than 60 countries including Turkey.

Quality Policy
Our quality policy is supplying high-quality products, delivering them to our customers on time, providing all types of after-sales services and ensuring the ultimate customer satisfaction by adopting the principle of constant development.
It is the joint responsibility of the top management and all of our employees to drawn on and to retain the qualified labor force, advanced technology and the principles of ergonomics in order to carry out our activities.


The vision of our company which has an important place in Defense Industry is developing constantly within the sector and becoming a preferred and consulted leading company that is considered a brand in the global competition arena in line with the changing and developing demands

Our mission is to combine knowledge and experience, ensure continuity of our quality service in line with the customers’ demands, meet the needs of the defense industry at maximum level and have a say even more in the international arena.