Falcon Food

Our company, which started to operate in food sector in 2010, continues to work both in abroad and domestically, especially in Europe and Middle East Countries.
Sia Falcon provides its customers with a variety of high quality products thanks to its technological and high capacity as well its experienced staff.
Sia Falcon, which is rapidly advancing in its sector by increasing its sales capacity with new investments it has made, is on its way to globalization by increasing its share continuously in
domestic and foreign markets.

The products that we export are mainly;

Pulses, Oils, Flours, Honey, Jams types, Soft Drink, Salves and Canned Products, Dried Fruits, Tea
varieties, etc.…



Our Business Perspective;

For sustainable success, we proceed on our way with the understanding of risk taking and initiative
using and we desire to achieve company objectives.
By putting consumer profit and customer health, preference and interest on the first plan, we focus
on meeting the surplus expectations beyond the needs; We work proactively, quickly and accurately.
With leadership instinct, we continue to produce solutions for food needs first in our own country
and then all over the world.